Early Music Montreal

Friday, May 06, 2005

Montreal Baroque Festival

Susie Napper let me know that the long-awaited programme for the Montreal Baroque Festival (June 23 - 26) will be available on the Montreal Baroque Festival site this afternoon. This amazing event features the best of Montreal as well as featured performers from around the world. I wouldn't miss it.

Recorder players and other musicians - don't forget about the parade. Susie sent this information out.
"Matthias Maute will join us again as the Pied Piper and lead us all in the first performance of his brilliant, newly composed Parade music! We hope there will be at least 100 recorder players of all ages this year as well as the FACE School drummers and the wonderful street jugglers.

We’re excited to announce that, in celebration of its 50th birthday, the Stewart Museum is sending an army of soldiers in 18th century costume with fifes and drums to join the Parade!

There will be a brief parade rehearsal at 6pm at the Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours, 400, St Paul-East. Matthias Maute’s new round will be posted on the web next week at www.montrealbaroque.com. Ideally you’ll know all four bars by heart by the time the Parade starts. If not, you’ll know it by the end!

As part of the Grand Parade, Theatre Lavallière et Jabot and L’ensemble Caprice will perform Couperin’s “Passions”, a Comedia dell’arte, as part of the parade, in the Place Jacques-Cartier.

I am sure this will be as exciting as last year's Festival.