Early Music Montreal

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Montreal Baroque Festival 2005

Thursday Schedule

11:45 at night and I am feeling exhilarated. I just came home from the first night of the Montreal Baroque Festival feeling satiated from the Fruits of Passion. There is no one who can organize an event like Susie Napper. The theme of the festival weaves through the entire event and there is something for everyone.

I started the evening at 6:00 with a rehearsal for the parade. The parade involves anyone who wants to take part. Each year Matthias Maute has composed a canon to be played in the parade. Many of my fellow recorder players from the Montreal Recorder Society were there.

Leading the parade were banner carriers, followed by drummers from FACE school and then the assorted musicians followed by members of the OLDE 78TH FRASER HIGHLANDERS from the Stewart Museum. This event makes everyone feel that this is our festival.

Marie-Natalie Lacoursiere entertained us all with a performance of Les Passions by Couperin - a series of characters portrayed through mime and dance. As always, she delighted the audience.

This was a lovely appetizer