Early Music Montreal

Saturday, June 25, 2005

5:00 - If Musicke be the Food of Love

Oh I wish they had played on! This was a spell-binding concert. Meredith Hall, √Čtienne Dupuis, Sylvain Bergeron, Susie Napper, Margaret Little and Olivier Brault played a variety of music from the Baroque repertoire as well as some traditional songs. The songs interspersed by instrumental pieces were well-chosen for the intimate venue at the Chateau Ramezay. Meredith Hall is a beautiful singer who so obviously loves to sing. Her eyes reach out to the audience and her expressive face draws you in to hear the story she has to tell. Her voice was lovely in all the repertoire, but when she sings Robbie Burns airs, her voice has come home. Her Scottish burr, lovely lilt and pure tones combine to convince you that this is exactly how Burns would have wanted to be heard.

Today was the first time I heard √Čtienne Dupuis sing. His voice is nicely matched with Meredith's: their duets blended beautifully. I look forward to hearing more of √Čtienne in the future. His interpretation of the drinking songs was delightful. He has a playful sense that comes through in the music.

I spent part of my morning (June 25) listening to the CD of La Nef with Meredith Hall: My Love is Like a Red Red Rose

Play on!