Early Music Montreal

Friday, June 24, 2005

La Conversione di Clodoveo, re di Francia

What a gem! From start to finish the singers and instrumentalists convinced me that Caldera was a wonderful composer. This oratorio tells the story of the conversion of Clovis, the fourth-century King of France. The story, itself, is not very interesting, but the music had some stunningly beautiful moments.

Allyson McHardy soprano (Clodoveo)
Nathalie Paulin soprano (Clotilde)
Suzie LeBlanc soprano (San Remigio)
Matthew White countertenor (Uberto)

Under the guidance of Alexander Weimann, the musicians (both singers and instrumentalists)
did a wonderful job.

One thing I was less satisfied with was the makeup. I found it strange and that it did not add to the look of the production. All in all, though, it was a lovely concert.