Early Music Montreal

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Les Fruits de la Passion

What a treat! This extravaganza was a magnificent way to end the festival. Singers, instrumentalists, dance, acting - a feast for the eyes and ears! Orazio Vecchi's Comedie Madrigalesque: La Veglia di Siena was a delightful peek into Renaissance times as the players played games of role-playing. The dancers / actors - Marie-Natalie Lacoursière, Jean-François Gagnon, Anne-Marie Guardette and Pierre Chartrand were sumptuously dressed in Renaissance attire. The complex floor patterns and intricate steps were fascinating to watch.

David Fallis directed the musicians - singers from the Toronto Consort and Montreal musicians - La Bande Montreal Baroque, Les Voix Humaines and Les Sonores. With this many musicians there was tremendous variety in the music with lovely madrigals, lively dance music and a beautiful sonata for 2 violins by Fontana.

Unfortunately I had to hurry off at the end so I could not be at the ending celebration in the street. I know from past experience how it brings performers and audience together to celebrate "our festival" Yet again, Susie has pulled off an amazing feat!