Early Music Montreal

Sunday, July 03, 2005

7:00 AM in the crypt

There is something special about the early morning on a Sunday. There is a silence and stillness. With the fresher temperature this was a magnificent Sunday. Some 50 of us filed down into the crypt of the church to hear Constantinople play music of the Middle East. It was at times hypnotic and contemplative. At times the rhythms pulled you. These musicians obviously listen to each other. They start with a melody and then improvisations. Each musician brings a special feeling both through the sound of their instrument as well as their individual feel for the music. This music carries you on a journey and when I left the crypt it was with a smile on my face.

I walked up to Café à propos where many of the concert attendees went for breakfast. Early Music lovers in Montreal are a family. There are many people I know just through concerts. This post concert breakfast allowed musicians and music lovers to mingle and chat over coffee.