Early Music Montreal

Saturday, June 25, 2005

10:30 A Musicall Banquet

I have heard Monika Mauch and Nigel North individually. This is the first time I heard them together. This concert took place in the crypt of Notre-Dame de Bonsecours Church, a wonderful venue for an intimate concert. The songs were all from a collection published by Robert Dowland, son of John Dowland. The repertoire is mainly sorrowful or contemplative - very calm. It is beautiful, but after a full day of concerts it is a bit soporific. Monika Mauch has a rich, warm voice. Each time I hear her, she gets better and better. The accoustics in the crypt are excellent. Each note of the lute could be easily heard. I understand that the performers are recording the music heard this evening. I look forward to hearing it again, when I am not so easily lulled to sleep. These performers are well worth hearing!